Principles of Clinical Gastroenterology

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Its encyclopaedic discussion of the basic science underlying gastrointestinal and liver diseases as well as the many diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available to the patients who suffer from them was--and still is--beyond compare.

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This new textbook, Principles of Clinical Gastroenterology, is designed to inform practitioners on the features of the major clinical disorders in gastroenterology and hepatology from the point of view of the clinician observing signs and symptoms of a patient under care and management.

It is a practical guide to diagnosis and decision making in clinical practice and provides a rich source of information on diseases of metodele parazitologice specifice gastrointestinal tract and liver.

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Covering the full range of examinations in gastroenterology and hepatology, with extremely timely chapters on patients with dyspepsia, eating disorders, cancer genetic counselor new jersey, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and on screening, Principles of Clinical Gastroenterology gives you easy access to approaches that a clinician might take to common symptoms and cancer genetic counselor new jersey presented by patients with such disorders.

The chapters include the epidemiology, history, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of the most commonly encountered cancer genetic counselor new jersey in gastroenterology and hepatology. This textbook will be an invaluable resource whether you are a gastroenterologist, internist, surgeon, or other clinician who sees patients with gastrointestinal and liver disorders.

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It should be kept close at hand for frequent consultation. Schoenfeld University of Michigan. Inadomi University of California.

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