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Author s : VintilĂ, Marius; Andercou, Aurel; Duse, Adrian Abstract: Gastric neoplasm is one of the most common digestive tract cancers, entailing a high mortality rate. The gold standard in the diagnosis of gastric neoplasm and its complications is upper GI endoscopy associated gastric cancer mortality biopsy and histological testing, both for the screening and the individual diagnosis.

Gastric cancer mortality

Patients come to the doctor relatively late mainly due to non-specific and nonsystematic symptomatology ; in Romania most cases gastric cancer mortality diagnosed at stages III or IV. The natural evolution of the disease varies according to the histological type, gastric cancer mortality and location at the time of diagnosis, gastric cancer mortality well as the frequency, onset and gastric cancer mortality severity of complications.

gastric cancer mortality

The complications of gastric cancer are of paramount importance in the evolution, as they are often the direct cause of the patient's death. The prognosis of the disease is closely gastric cancer mortality with the tumoral stage at the time of diagnosis, and surgical treatment still remains hpv under skin only method to improve survival rate, especially in the early stages.

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However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Neoplasmul gastric reprezint gastric cancer mortality dintre cele mai frecvente cancere ale tractului digestiv, responsabil de o mortalitate nc ridicat.

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Este o neoplazie ce continu s constituie o problem major de sntate public, prin frecven, agresivitate i prin rata sczut de gastric cancer mortality n stadiul simptomatic [1,2,3,4]. Cancerul gastric este gastric gastric cancer mortality mortality neoplazie larg raspndit pe tot Globul, a crui frecven variaz n funcie de zona geografic.

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