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    Simona Valean1,2, M. World mean mortality-to-incidence ratios registered the highest values in pancreatic cancer 0. The lowest values were recorded in colorectal cancer 0.

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    Mortality-to-incidence ratios were generally higher in less developed areas, low HDI populations, and in Romania. The difference in case pancreatic cancer remission rate rate between different areas showed higher variations for colorectal, gastric and gallbladder cancers, and smaller variations for esophageal, liver, and pancreatic cancers. In summary, mortality-to-incidence ratios of digestive cancers were high in ; higher values were registered in less developed and low HDI regions, and in Romania.

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    Mortality-to-incidence ratios were similar in both sexes, even though the incidence was generally higher in men. Digestive cancer mortality variation suggests the necessity of finding better strategies for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of digestive cancers.

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    Key words: digestive cancers pancreatic cancer remission rate mortality-to-incidence ratio — world area — Human Development Index— Romania.